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Frequently Ask Questions
What types of insurance regulations can Aktinora provide information on?

Aktinora is equipped to provide information on a wide range of insurance regulations, including health, auto, life, property, and commercial insurance directly from the Iowa Insurance Department directly. It can also assist with queries related to licensing, policy guidelines, compliance standards, and recent regulatory changes.  Anything you want to apply AI to can be housed in this platform.

How current is the regulatory information provided by Aktinora?

Aktinora’s database is regularly updated to ensure that all regulatory information is current. It includes the latest amendments, rulings, and guidelines from the Department of Insurance. For the most up-to-date information, Aktinora accesses real-time data feeds where available.

How is this different then ChatGPT?

We add all your content into the bot and have the AI trained on your data excusivly.  This gives you the data you want and the power you want as we use the GPT-3.5 or GPT4 Models on your data.

Think of it this way, its ChatGPT on Sterroids that you can Trust cause it only uses your data.